#18 E’si

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E’si holding a blind man’s rod


Musician Hukutegawa Siten, blind as a man in night’s darkness, was said to be one of the kindest and calmest people in Kinogomura, Nippon. Also said to be quiet good-looking, Siten lived in a one-room hut and gave shelter to those that needed to escape the heavy rains common to the land. One day, he let in a group of women that, unbeknownst to him, was actually a traveling music troupe. He played the shamisen for them while the rain delayed their travels, and they were so impressed with his skills, they insisted he come with them. They brought him to their hometown, Daidaomura, in northern Nippon, and helped him start a career as a professional musician. He happily played in inns and Xixumasa group home for years, charging low costs yet making a great deal because of his talent and kindness. He returned to Daidaomura one day to thank the traveling women only to find that, by order of Empress Ou Mefang, they’d been forced to disband and exiled for distracting workers from their daily scheduled duties. He was never able to find them. Siten later was exiled for the same reason and was made to return to his shack.  He held a seething rage about this unfair treatment to his natural death many years later. Now people say that he can be seen wandering the streets of many different towns and cities, looking for those that gave him his musical career.

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