#27 and 28 – Mr. Holmson and Sprocket

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There’s a great big secret hiding under the research the NMSA does into manipulating nanoparticle slime, and as the primary author of the bill that created the Agency, Mr. Holmson has spent his life surrounded by it. As he is not technically an agent of the NMSA, nor any more of a hacker than most slime trainers, Mr. Holmson’s intimate knowledge of the secrets of nanoparticle material gives him a unique and often incomprehensible motivation. Mr. Holmson can often be found challenging other trainers to fights, though his reasons for doing so remain inscrutable. On a personal level, he comes off as everybody’s funny old uncle, though every now and then there’s a hint that this is more an act than anything else.

As a combatant, Sprocket is actually fairly middling. Though very sturdy, its offensive capabilities are fairly limited, and its agility is very low. It’s main strategy is centered around its ability to subtly manipulate the nanoparticle material of enemy ooze monsters. Though it can’t break slime down, like Paracycle, or corrupt it, like Beelzebub, Sprocket’s ability to alter ooze at a distance makes it one of the more dangerous opponents a trainer can face.

Sprocket’s keywords were Modern Art, Cylinder, Hovering, Cracked, Orbitars, and Gears. We’re getting pretty close to the end here, and I’m really happy that these keywords lent themselves so well to the kind of character I needed. Leading up to the last two characters in this challenge was kind of a big job, ‘cos there’s a big reveal I’ve been planning. >:D

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