#27 – Rosebud Juarez

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Ghost ecologist. Spirit hunter. Will help your relatives’ souls to rest for a modest fee. To fund her research, you understand. She shakes her head. You clearly don’t understand.

Former anthropology student and sometime librarian, raised by her curandera grandmother. When she was 15, she sustained a wound trying to stop a fight. Instead of healing normally, it turned out to be a conduit to an otherworldly source of power. She tried to hide it, but her abuela found out and sent her to learn with some strange folks known only as Los que Saben (Those Who Know). Has been known to cross paths with Circus Proxima. A fan of King Lonesome.

“The dead are all around us. they have their own culture, society, and — most importantly — their own ecology. It must be managed. I have studied how to do this. the balance must be held, and I can make it so.”


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