DAY 28: 21st Century Sandshark Studios presents…”MANTA” RAY

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DAY 28






Character Biography: Raymond “Manta Ray” Barstow was born in the sleepy fishing town of Belfast, Maine in 1920.  His father was a fishing boat Captain and former decorated navy Chief Petty Officer in the Spanish/American War and World War I.  His mother was oceanographer and marine biologist.   From the time he could walk both parents instilled a sense of love and wonder for the sea.  Ray was both an exceptional student and athlete, having won the state diving and track and field varsity championships in 1937.  Ray won an athletic scholarship to the University of Maine in 1938.  Ray was in his junior year studying to earn a double major in oceanography and marine biology when World War II broke out.

Ray immediately volunteered for the US Navy and through a letter of recommendation from the state governor and local representative, was able to attain a special exemption for the four year degree requirement to enter officer candidate school after basic.  Following graduation Ray became one of the first students of the newly formed Amphibious Scout and Raider School (A precept to The Navy SEALS) in 1942.

Barstow was a Lieutenant in 1943 when he was given his first post on the now fabled Special Service #1, where he was given a first class field education in map making, wilderness survival, jungle warfare, and small craft operation, having seen some of the most pivotal and bloody battles of the Pacific Theatre.

In 1945 Barstow led one of the advanced companies of about 300 men into the Battle of Okinawa.  His expert planning and organization gave his company one of the highest kill ratios and lowest fatality rates of the battle.  For which he was promoted to a full Commander and awarded a Silver Star.

After the war, Barstow returned home and earned a PHD from the University of Maine in 1949.  Over the next 10 years, Barstow became one of the most high profile Marine Biologists, Oceanographer, explorer, and adventurers.  Much of his expeditions have landed him in conflicts with hostile natural and often un-natural adversaries!  His military skill, talents, strength, cunning, and resourcefulness  has landed him as a media celebrity of sorts, that have won him high profile grants and even television and news coverage for his various expeditions.


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Dan Nokes is the sequential guru of the Southern Maryland DIY Revolution! When not wandering the uncharted wilderness of Lusby, MD in a supernaturally induced blood fever, he is the head of a little one man band called 21st Century Sandshark Studios. This bastion of indie comic goodness has to date put out a 67 page graphic novel (The Reptile and Mister Amazing 2002) a 12 issue maxi series (The Paranormals 2003-2008) a three issue western (The Pistoleers 2008-2010) and is currently working on the second and final volume of his dystopian classic (Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse 2011-2012) He is also working on illustration duties for Nick Davis' upcoming children's book (Unconditional: A Teddy Bear's Tale 2011). His future projects include his forray into webcomics with his Sci-fi comedy (Impossible Space Tales from The Last Pitt Stop) and a return to Super Hero Lore (The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson)!

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