#19 E’na

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E’na holding a long cloth


During the last years of her short lifetime, Xiu Janyang resident Chun-Yu Naminbak was a writer of short poems. But far from being a full-time poet, Naminbak also wrote secret reports on the often unethical doings of the emperor’s men (his soldiers). She was a great believer in justice and fair treatment of the Ou’s subjects.  She began writing when she was around 17 and disguised some of her less inflammatory works as poems condemning her own ideas. She passed out her other works to villagers in Papuromura, and according to history, her writings reached at least a town or two away from hers. Strangely, she married a court official, but all evidence suggests she did that for cover and to be closer to the subject she wrote about. More than once, she was accused of peddling anti-government material, but she hid scraps of her work in a long pink cloth which she claimed held her underclothes, which was partially true because it wasn’t uncommon for her to write snippets of her work on her underclothes.  Her oblivious husband was a proud man and refused to allow his subordinates to search through his wife’s underclothes. As Ao Lai is not a nation of free speech, almost as soon as she was discovered passing her works out in another town, she was jailed and soon put to death. She was said to handle her incarceration bravely, never relinquishing her beliefs, and die with her dignity intact. Naminbak was said to be a very prolific writer; her works are said to not be entirely accounted for, and they’ve found over 200 individual works. She’s said to be haunting the Papuromura main police office, decrying the practices still common today.

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