#21 E’bi

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E’bi holding a cherry blossom petal


Yamamoto Bikomi loved trees, and most of all, she loved the cherry tree. Her and her family went to see the first blossoming of the cherry trees every spring. There’s a saying in southern Nippon, Ao Lai: “Girls who collect cherry blossoms are more beautiful.” The cherry blossom is a symbol of traditional Nippon, and the thought behind the saying is that girls who subscribe to traditional Nippon values are more beautiful than those that don’t. Most girls understand that, but Bikomi, who always lacking a sense of├é┬ásubtlety, took the saying literally. She was last seen wandering off into a midst of the spring’s radiant cherry trees. No one is really sure how she died; perhaps she got lost. Some have said that they’ve seen her ghost still wandering amongst the trees, sadly holding a delicate cherry blossom petal.

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