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Next up characters involved with the legend of the first siren.


Gatekeeper is a creature that usually the tour boats occasionaly spot. An old scarred Veshan that appears once and awhile around the rock formation called the grey gates. The nickname is more accurate than the tour leaders know. Gatekeeper watches over the prison of the first siren.

Brine is the Siren’s first thrall and the creature most responsible for the Gatekeeper’s scars. He’s yet to be successful freeing his mistress but despite his numerous attemps and fellow thralls he more often than not ends up just as battered and bruised.

Karleigh is the first siren, she used to be human until some unfortunate events involving slavery and murder. She started by seeking passage upon any ship that would take her, seducing then disembowling most of the crew. Those she liked she kept as toys thralls. Eventually more women joined her to become sirens and she began building an army. No one knew her intent but the clear threat caused the Umati (a people of the sea) to imprison her between the Grey Gates at the very bottom of the sea. Magic keeps her imprisoned though not completley helpless. The call of the siren can be strong for certain individuals. Especially when she wishes to be free.

George Biggs is an avid surfer and the only surfer to dare the Grey Gates. Contrary to many peoples beliefs he did not loose his arm to a shark but to a car accident. He likes to float around the gates because he can hear the most beutiful song.

Bo is a warrior Umati who is charged with caring for Gatekeeper as well as his charge. It is a position of great honour but also isolation. The Umati would not keep an enemy imprisoned even close to their home. The grey gates are deeper and cooler waters than what they tend to keep to so due to her endurance and resolve Bo was chosen. Although they avoid human contact Bo has one to confide in. The Umati use camoflauge but Bo being poorly skilled at it only does so sparringly.

Jaques is Bo’s one confidant and friend, he is also completly unaware that she is Umati. This is largley because he’s blind. (how else could you mis the fact you’re talking to an eight foot bright pink octipus lady) He lives in a little shack on the edge of the water and likes to sit out on the dock and listen to the water. He always calls Bo a little mermaid since she always comes from the water, yet he has know idea how close that aproximation is. Although the Umati don’t take to kindly to being related to their less discrete and more obnoxious counterparts.

Aillis works for Jaques as a housekeeper. He wasn’t exaclty hiring but she sorta hired herself. She’s a mother of three soon to be four and happy with her work. She’s caught glimpses of Bo but doesn’t worry too much about it, her grandmother was a dryad so the umati don’t unnerve her like they do most people. Although she keeps trying to tell Jaques he’s “Talking to a giant flouresant octopus” although the man simply dismisses her saying she’s trying to mess with the poor blind man, which she has been known to do on occasion.

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