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Hunting the Stars

Russle is an explorer, one of the best. He’s been involved in eighteen succssful contact missions. This time trying to save a subspace species from a dying solar system. He’s taking this mission extremly seriously.

Miss Ragg is one of the best pilots outside the military and is part of the rescue mission for the money. Or at least thats what she keeps complaing loudly, “But at least you damn scientists pay well.” She seems convinced this will be boring, unless she waits for the star to implode.

Marius is the medical officer for this fateful rescue mission, although it is a minimal staff. He’s the eternal student almost too excited about learning somthing new and foreign. His crewmates don’t share his exuburance but that doesn’t bother him one bit.

Eran Rec is one of the last Balion left, with the increasing star mass preceding the implosion many of the race died due to the extreme heat. Since royalty reside deeper in the planets core the more elite have survived. Although born royal Rec is not infact of the bloodline. She instead is a warrior tasked with protecting her younger brother who exhibits the more desirealbe qualities of the elite.

Takk is one of three heirs left in the royal line, since six rule at once this and the sun’s implosion have become problematic for balion. Takk was responsible for the security of his people and since the demise of his fellow would be rulers their agriculture as well. He seems to be more adept at the latter and often consults his sister on the former, despite the break from convention that is. They run into the rescue team running from a new threat. Another foriegn species is after the Balion leaders.

Btal is from an intersteallar species who’s goal is to rule the universe. She’s been tasked with obtaining and preserving the Balion leaders for study and ways to influence their decisions. Also for preservation, inferior species have been proven useful in the past and to loose such an asset could be detremental to the rule of her race.

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