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So sorry to have let this build up like this, but contract work is feast or famine someties, and I had to eat!

Elaso was named by a little boy who found the whelp in a small shoal by the sea. Elaso is a special type of Arachnidian, but fortunately is very young, and able to learn a more peaceful life, if taught by the kind hearted.

Verdalisa is the youngest of the Mystaran dragons- barely a hundred years old. She is also the first young dragon to be born in memory of the lesser races. The secret is, the other Dragons don’t know of her existence yet…

This incarnation of the Goddess Athena seeks to guide the Oberian warriors sent to Apollosis. She knows they walk into Hel itself…

The Wake of the Blue Fire was  spelled doom for those that thought the passing of the fires was a blessing. The necrotic surge in power has meant that the strong willed don’t even die of mortal wounds… and that the dormant corpses of the long deceased can be reanimated with ease… though with what souls or spirits to embody them?

The Wine Knight Ivrion has a penchance for debauchery. His protectors and Hall Guard all have a certain… shall we say, charm?

The vanquished angels and devils, or, if you will, the purest good and the vilest evil souls, cannot enter Heaven or fall to the Pits, the Outer Planes are cut off from the world of men. Somewhere, deep in the earth, the combined demonic forces have given way to a terrifying possibility…

The Potter’s Floumph is a house spirit that mischeviously moves about crockery and other items in a bid to garner attention and food from the home owner. Pedoule is a more volatile Floumph, and will take away jugs, pots, glasses and dishes, and drop them off of tables!

The gods and icons of Death walk the world of the living, and Shi is no exception- a Demon Queen from the distant land of Jadin. Her cult practices orderly funerary rites and observations… and aggressively seeks clients.

These advanced batlike creatures hail from the caves and burrows around the forests of the North Cruth. They are quite intelligent and excellent trackers, but operate only at night. They can understand the speech of men, but cannot talk aloud, and must sign, their voices set to a pitch beyond hearing.

And there you have it, all 30 characters! I had to skimp on the coloring near the end, and lock down a specific look to the art, but it was still a great time.

– Greg Gibbons

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