#25 Shenyang Jun

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Shenyang Jun is the son of the famous Shenyang Er. His father wrote one of Ao Lai’s bestselling books, Genha Shi Tuse, or Red White Blue when translated from Harayin, a story about a Nippon woman brought up on traditions who travels to America and meets an Americanized Nippon woman. Like his father before him, Shenyang Jun is a writer or good works, but unlike his father before him, he is not a lover of America. Jun is more reserved and uptight than his father, and he finds America too disorganized and violent. Despite being somewhat stuck up, he isn’t a stick in the mud; he does enjoy a laugh, and he is known for buying his wife very expensive gifts. His books are more on the side of the cautionary tale; he writes with much more palatable message than his father’s fish-out-of-water and character study stories. Acclaimed as a response to Genha Shi Tuse, Facaotsa Kin, or Golden Spring on the Mainland, was about a mainland Ao Liese woman whose life slowly fell apart due to her relationship with an American man.

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