#27 – Big Dreamer (Greg Wilborn)

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Greg Wilborn was basically born wanting to be a cape. He dreamed of it since he was old enough to know what a superhero was, so the day he found out he actually did have superpowers was something of a achievement of a life’s dream for him. Greg found out, at hte age of just 10, that he was capable of creating finly focused waves of overpressure, capable of channeling the blast from pounds and pounds of explosives into a small area, with pinpoint control.
Surprisingly, Greg handled the sudden fame that came when news of his abilities spread quite well. His upper-middle-class family was well enough equipped to deal with the interest, the fawning media stories, the interest and offers for training from superhero collectives across the nation. Greg became a bit of a star for someone who was still years away from being able to legally use his powers to help others. However, adding to his legend, was his astonishing maturity. An absolute idealist, Greg genuinely wanted to use his ability and fame to help however he could, to dedicate his life to trying to make it better for others.

However, as Greg turned 18, and got his license to be a professional cape, his life suddenly turned. What had begun as an aching pain in his body had grown to something more severely painful. After just three months of professional work, a visit with a doctor confirmed the very worst, to him. His body simply was incapable of handling his powers, and their continued use was killing him, sucking strength from his body, rendering his bones brittle and weak, his immune system increasingly defenseless, and damaging his vital organs.

The news was absolutely crushing for Greg, however he put on a strong face for the public, only allowing himself to sink into teh crushing darkness and depression in private. News of his condition quickly became public, and Greg found himself besieged with well wishers on all sides, a development that quickly went from redeeming to frustrating, as people treated him like a fragile, helpless animal that only deserved pity.

Greg is still searching for his cure now, for something to let him live the life he feels he was born to. He still hasn’t “accepted” his seeming fate, and is determined to find a way to enjoy his life as he feels he should.

A man of rather immense size, Greg took the nickname “Big Dreamer” as a kid, a nod to his never-ending idealism and (now challenged) positivity, and because he refused to be defined as being solely about destructive power.

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