#27 Yujote Kuma

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Based on the old job of women sewing and buying clothes, a southern Nippon tradition is for women, on the 10th day on the 5th month, to give possible husbands a well-tailored and comfortable non-like kimono in an attempt to open contact between the two; the gesture is meant to say, “In a marriage between us, I will keep you comfortable.” The calligrapher Yujote Kuma had received a number of them every year on this day. On the 20th of the same month, men are supposed to deliver food to possible wives, preferably the one that sent them the kimono, as if to say, “In a marriage between us, you will not go hungry.” Kuma never responded to any of the advances on him, instead studying Harayin characters and perfecting his style. It is clear he wasn’t the culprit, but many, including his younger sisters, have died around him, causing his outlook to be bleak and melancholy. He was, however, sympathetic towards the deathly ill. Once, he traveled to a dying young girl’s home to keep her company during the last of her illness. She lived alone and was said not to pass on until Kuma stayed with her; when asked, Kuma would sadly say, “She couldn’t die alone.” It’s said that one of Huang Mu’s forms is based on the appearance of Yujote Kuma.

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