#29 and #30 – Amorphous Mass and the Terminal Core

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Welcome to the final boss! Were you wondering about Mr. Holmson’s reason for fielding a partner whose only real strength is in manipulating ooze specifically owned by someone else? Or perhaps curious why Cynthia believes slime monsters to be sentient? And why someone who believes this would partner with a critter whose main ability essentially disconnects nanoparticle material from any kind of control? Ooo, or what Beelzebub was REALLY developed to do? Well, here’s your answer!

The Terminal Core is the result of early attempts by the construction companies to regain control of rogue nanoparticle material. Though it did initially overpower virus-infected ooze, it quickly went out of control and began collecting the stuff on its own, rejecting any further outside commands. Over the years, the Core has extended its reach, driving more and more nanoparticle material rogue, even going so far as to generate the stuff of its own accord. The NMSA’s interest in controlling the Terminal Core has some fairly obvious factors; if they can regain control over such a powerful manipulator of ooze, the Agency can effectively end a major source of continuing embarrassment to the companies that control it.

There have been attempts to shut the Core down before, so now it retains a significant defensive setup in the form of a large ooze colony. Much like Angela’s shifting partner, Wendigo, the Mass is a constantly changing opponent, but with a nasty surprise; the Core’s unique ability to propagate new ooze on command, combined with its unparalleled control of the basic programming of the substance, allows it to cover huge areas with its attacks and form nearly impenetrable defensive barriers.

Perhaps the most curious part of the Terminal Core and the Amorphous Mass is the relationship between the two. Although the Core is making all of the tactical decisions, it was the virus in the ooze that corrupted the Core and led to its present condition. So is the Core really controlling the Mass, or is this all set up according to what the ooze wants? Is the nanoparticle material genuinely sentient, or is this all just the virus playing out?

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