#29 Ou Wao

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An Ou male with hair? Surely, how could this exist? Ou males shave their heads when they begin to mature mentally and act like well-brought up children. Not to insult a child of the Ou family, but Prince Ou Wao is not very smart. There’s nothing mentally wrong with him, he’s just kind of unintelligent. Wao also says whats on his mind, prefers to play with his food rather than eat it, and can’t sit still for long. Despite being 10, when most Ou children being to straighten out, Wao is still unremarkable in his sophistication. ┬áHis parent’s have not given up on him, however, because there is a glimmer of hope in him. Calligraphy takes patience, grace, and serenity to master, and at his very young age, Ou Wao already has calligraphy to rival that the most impressive scribe. Even if he didn’t have this impressive talent, he is still a very earnest and forgiving person, and unlike most Ou, he is not particularly arrogant, if at all.

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