#30 – Captain Black Jack and the South West Sky Pirates.

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Great cities held aloft by monstrous balloons are the new homes of the rich and famous. Noble men and woman, Kings and Queens living high above the poor still down on the earth. The high society taking its term far to literally in persuade of the high life.

This new frontier of wealth brought without a new breed of crook and thief. The skies became a dangerous place, full of pirates, bandits and all kinds of flying beasties.

Ever since the invention of the steam powered jet propeller and the solar powered blimp the oceans have been deserted in favor of the vast oceans of the sky. The clouds have become the new waves of fortune for brave, foolish and crooked men and women to try their luck at.

Captain Black Jack and his crew of sky pirates are some of the most feared men on the seven skyways. Onboard their faithful ship the Black Banshee, the crew seek out the Queens royal naval ships, and the noble merchants on their way to sky ports and cloud docking cities. Striking from the clouds themselves the grizzled Captain and his men will steal your gold as quick as your wife, jetting off in the Black Banshee for the nearest storm cloud where none would dare follow.

Black Jack is a grizzled old veteran of the skyways. He’s down to one eye and one leg. Losing the eye in a game of cards when is ex wife caught him cheating and poked out his eye with his own sword. His left leg became a meaty treat for a great cloud kraken the old Captain had tried to slay for its golden scales; he came off slightly worse in that exchange.

Having spent nearly his entire ill-gotten fortune on gatling cannons and hiring some of the meanest pirates to ever fly the skies, the good Captain now sails the skies on the hunt of the Kraken, hoping for a spot of old fashion revenge.

Always hot on the Captain’s tail are the Queens royal sky guard, out in ships made of the finessed woods and metals, they are said to be as fast as the winds themselves. Hunting for the man who stole the Queen’s own crown jewels whilst she was on a tour of the sky kingdom. She wont be happy when she learns that her jewels have been encrusted into Black Jacks favorite curved sword, Martha.

For now The Black Banshee keeps her Captain and crew one step ahead of the Royal Sky guard as they hunt for the Kraken, but you never know what’s around the next storm cloud. So all the Captain can do is set his sights on the horizon and sail ‘til the sun sinks.

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