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So, I’m writing this a little bit ahead of time because I’ll be at work for most of my day tomorrow (12/1), but on the east coast, it’s already 12/1, so….hah! The challenge is over and I’m really proud to have taken part this year. By no means was I the best participant nor does my work measure up to some of the beautiful pieces I’ve seen on the site, but I did it for myself. Sketching/drawing is something I’ve done since I was a kid and have always taken the time to do it when time allowed. A lot of myself went into my sketches/drawings, and I found 3o Characters challenged me in a way that was beneficial for various reasons. For one, it helped take my mind off other things that were sort of dragging me down and that felt more like a weight on my shoulders than anything. I felt I needed to step away from writing for a good while and allow myself to think differently. My days were filled with heart-break, loneliness, and introversion up until 11/1.

My days had suddenly become about being observant of people’s characteristics and facial features. I began to think about what my characters would look like in appearance, who to base them on, and how to frame the compositions. All but 2 were done digitally via my iPad mini and the ArtStudio app, but it felt like the most practical way to go about this venture. For one, I could take it with me anywhere and it wouldn’t be horribly cumbersome. In fact, I whipped out my iPad many times while on break at work (which had become time consuming) and began sketching and doodling to get a general idea of what the finished piece would look like. Then, I’d head home and really get to work on the drawing of the day.

Now that it’s over, I’m sort of sad to not have this particular deadline anymore. I have a few other new deadlines to meet (that I’ve set for myself) in regards to my writing, but this was something unique and I’m glad to have taken part in it. I’m also going to say that participating in the 30 Characters challenge has given me a renewed sense of vigor and have already begun applying myself in my next venture(s): writing reviews for a local music site I’ve become a part of, short stories, and poetry that I intend to send off to thedirtynapkin.com. As per Tyler James’ request, here’s the link to my author page which includes all my drawings (just copy & paste or click on my name), and thank you for the experience Mr. James & Comix Tribe!:


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  1. Tyler James says:

    Hey Sergio, congrats again! Sounds like #30characters came around at just the right time for you. Hope you carry the positive creative momentum into your next projects. It sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing.

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