Joseph Trahan – 30 Characters 2012

| December 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Another November done.

Here’s my stats for this year: 10 ladies, 20 guys, 10 anthropomorphic animal-types (if you include a Cthulhu-faced kid). 16 fantasy, 5 superhero, 4 steampunk, 3 scifi, 2 horror. 4 characters with some sort of copper robotic features, apparently I liked that theme this year.

I started out the year trying to be clever with characters based on idioms. That well started running dry for me around character 11, and my friend Michael came in the nick of time by exposing me to some great Chibi-style artists. I finished out by going back to some typical fantasy/superhero characters, with help from my dear Dana, my family, the Bakers and the Johnsons, and lots of inspiration from other artists in this challenge. Thanks!


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