2013 Challenger: Pat Danger

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I am Pat Danger (oh thrills!) and this will be my second time participating, though I didn’t do the challenge last year. I cant remember how I found out about 30 characters 30 days, though it definitely has something to do with NaNoWriMo (which I participate in every year). On the internet I go by a wide variety of names, depending on the circumstances. I’m most easily found as RandumProductions (something I came up with many moons ago, when I believed I was going to be a one-man comic studio).

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer, working part-time at a game studio. I like the 30 days challenge because its really easy to do. Not saying NaNoWriMo is super hard or anything, but for me art has always come more naturally and more quickly than writing. Hopefully I don’t flake out like two years ago, but judging by my work calendar things are going to be interesting.


Oh, yeah, and I write for an e-serialization called Billie Vs The Unseen, published by BigWorldNetwork. Cause I really should be plugging this link every chance I get.

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