#01 – Edwin Michigan

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01 - Edwin Michigan

Though the devastation of the flood was remarkable, a lot of people had no choice to remain. Some lacked the money to make a significant move, others remained simply because this was where their job was. Edwin Michigan is a young man in the latter category; though a kind and empathetic young man, he isn’t the kind of person who willingly makes a major life change.

Mr. Michigan works for a taxi company, and up until the flood, he enjoyed it quite a bit. It was easy work, he was friends with the taxi service’s boss, and he got on well with the other employees. After the flood, however, stories began to circulate about the things that now happened down in the city after dark. And after a few nights, Edwin had more than his fair share of stories to tell.

Like museum curators that hear bumps in the night, or bed and breakfast proprietors with one specific room that nobody ever spends a full night in, Edwin dealt with the dead by making them part of his job. He catalogues the dead that hail his taxi, and occasionally, even manages to make a connection to the living. A taxi and its driver might not be the way people expect to connect with the dear departed, but for Edwin, it’s all about finding a comfort zone.

(Incidentally, I’m posting these both here, and on my art blog.)

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