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Introducing Chip! He is one of the main characters to my own creator owned story, CLANDESTINE, that I am working on. Looks are based loosely on a young Barry Pepper/David Bowie. Chip was raised on base not too far from Area 51 due to his father working their prior to his birth. He was raised the base with little interaction from the nearby cities.

He is part of a two man team that orchestrates planned UFO sightings to perpetuate stories of aliens and flying saucers. Everything on the base is on a need to know basis and little interaction is had between Chip and other staff on the base. However Chip is fairly close to his partner Ed as part of this 2 man team that handles this very odd responsibility. The reasons why they have this job remain CLANDESTINE…


I had trouble drawing the hands and I can see his arms are too long and the hands are too big. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there was some perspective on the drawing from the top down with his head nearest to the viewer. Conversely his legs could be lengthened to sort this out.



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I am a London based comic book enthusiast who is trying to write, pencil, ink, colour and letter my own comic books! I also enjoy a spot of portrait drawing and am exploring into digital art also. http://sebastianchow.blogspot.co.uk/

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  1. Dan Jensen says:

    Yeah, some longer legs would help balance the proportions. But great linework, great etched feel, lends a grizzled sense to him. Let’s see Ed!

  2. Nathan Seabolt says:

    I love the linework, especially the render lines on the hands-nice textural feel. Keep it up!

  3. Jared Lewis says:

    Proportions aside, I dig the look & the back story. Nice work!

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