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Eclipse is a luxamancer and has the ability to absorb light.  Depending on the extent to which he does this he can either simply shroud himself in shadows, becoming almost invisible, or can blanket a wide area in darkness, smothering all lights within it; the extent of this range has not been established but he has been known to cover an entire football pitch (about 8000 square meters).

He has three other abilities, both linked to his luxamancy, which are: the ability to see in complete darkness, as if it were daylight; to cope with extreme changes in light (from blinding to dark) with no issues; and to project the built up, absorbed ambiance …this can be as subtle as the level of a candle, blinding strobes, or as a burst of of all contained light at an intensity of in excess of 42.3 billion candela …bright enough to be seen from space and raising the immediate temperature to 300 °F/149 °C.  Doing so, however, weakens him.

Eclipse is also an excellent hand to hand combatant.

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