#1 – The Duke of Cats

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The Duke of Cats

It is something of an embarrassment to various World Security Organisations that various “10 Most Wanted” Lists contain the Duke of Cats, to the point where “Officially” no one knows the identity of this criminal mastermind, and he just has a blank space where his portrait should be. Governments don’t like to have a single domestic cat sitting alongside Warlords, Despots, Terrorists and Other-worldly threats. They feel doing so takes the seriousness out of the thing.

That being said, The Duke of Cats surely deserves his place on those lists – a criminal mastermind with enormous resources, both financial and political, who has come close to world domination on three separate occasions in the past twenty years, and would have succeeded in any of them if hadn’t been for a certain Gnome and Guinea Pug duo.  He has armies of minions, both human and feline, and access to enormous funds.  He is rumored to have numerous powerful figures on his payroll.

No one is really sure of his origins, as surely a hyper-intelligent talking cat should have some fairly obvious origin story, but as people can work out, he just has some aura to him that makes people take him seriously despite appearances.

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