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Toshoni lived a pretty good life for a demon. These days he tends to a great library somewhere on the edge of the Underworld. His candle keeps the more malevolent spirits at bay as he wanders the stacks and assists any visitors seeking  the wealth of knowledge contained within his books.

Category: 2013, Fantasy, Horror

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Aspiring Illustrator, Hobby Gamer, and Professional Procrastinator.

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  1. I like his expression – kinda like my uncle…

  2. Yeah I agree the expression is really good and I love the lighting on the picture.

  3. ChicStudios says:

    Your style reminds me of a good friend of mine. Its a great comparison. Super lighting and character design.

  4. Jared Lewis says:

    Excellent work, dude! Real nice values & lighting! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got next!

  5. endshark says:

    Yeah gotta echo the love with the values here. Looks great!

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