#1 Wheeler

| November 1, 2013 | 4 Comments


In a world where roller-blades still aren’t all that cool, one man refuses to accept this, and rolls around downtown, dealing out vigilante justice.

That man is known as, “Wheeler”.

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  1. photinakis says:

    He’s gotta have quads and abs of steel – rollerblading while shooting a gun is an impressive feat indeed!

  2. Marche says:

    BAD-ASS GUY XD! I guess next character will be some guy with sketch-board. (And shotgun)

  3. Dan Jensen says:

    Ah man, since when were rollerblades not cool? ha, dig the character! Would make for some fun action!

  4. endshark says:

    Ah hell yeah Geep. This dude and I share a similar hair style too. Cool character.

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