#2 Canoness Angela

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Without armor: http://24.media.tumblr.com/aa15fd07e2cd3771385898ced24f2242/tumblr_mvmpdrJGSI1stmkqio2_1280.jpg

Day 2 – Canoness Angela of the Order of the Valorous Heart.

The young leader of the chapter of Sisters of Battle known as the Violet Wings. Angela considers everything about her leadership position in the Adepta Sororitas a blessing by his holy emperor that she cannot begin to understand. Gaining the position directly from within the ranks of the Repentia, for surviving and driving back a powerful Eldar psyker. She is commonly lacking in etiquette and protocol and very much prefers when the answer to a situation is smash it.

Although she leads with fervor, she has no head for tactics, and leaves the burden of commanding troops to the more capable sisters, often wandering the battlefield alone in a nearly blind fury. But the ex-repentia is an uplifting sight to her sisters in arms as she rushes headlong into enemy lines.

What Angela doesn’t yet know, is the Eldar Warlock who she triumphed against saw deep within her and discovered that she is not blessed with powerful muscles by the God-Emperor, but is cursed with mutation that has so far been undetected by the ecclesiarchy, and luckily been useful in the destruction of heretics and the foes of mankind.

But until that day that her shameful secret is revealed, she will march forth against the mutant, the witch, and the heretic. Wielding her Anointed Evicerator, a massive chainsword who’s teeth were ground flat against the force shield of the Warlock. But in her hands, it is no less deadly.

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