#2 – The Goblin Slayer

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The Goblin Slayer


Historically, Goblins have been a menace to various out of the way communities around the world, and in many cases out of the way communities were only saved by members of the Ancient mystical order of Goblin Slayers known as the Trowguard.  Unfortunately the Trowguard have not modernized with the rest of society and in 1974 the leaders of the Goblin Communities petitioned the UN for protection from the Trowguard.  After attempted negotiations with the organisation were rebuffed,  a series of raids and arrests followed.

At this point, only a single member of the Trowguard remains free – a Filipino woman named Charito Tomas, who was initiated into the order at a young age, and escaped the arrests, and subsequently went on to step up her campaign, killing both Goblins and those who defended them, police, army or civilians.  She has proven herself adept with numerous weapons, but mainly seems to favour battleaxes, a traditional magical gauntlet and pistols.

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