E01: Marina

| November 2, 2013 | 4 Comments

Kept it fairly safe for me today. Originally I had planned on colouring this but no scheme I was coming up with was working (I was trying to avoid making her armour red)! I’ll colour this eventually though once I figure out what I want to go with.

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  1. Krash1111 says:

    Perhaps blue, or blue-silver, for her armor? There are real blue lobsters in the world, so that would be an interesting approach for her color scheme! The amount of detail you put into her is incredible, and I love the black-and-white print quality to it as is. Adorable idea and wonderful technical execution – I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  2. Dan Jensen says:

    Blue armor, all the way. Who’s ever seen a blue lobster?

    Love those blacks, end. You work magic!

  3. Jared Lewis says:

    What’s wrong with going with red? I remember there was a bright red Lobster Samurai from Shinobi on the SMS that was huge & ridiculous. Like nothing about him was significantly lobster other than the color. I remember it was so red it made my old POS tv buzz like crazy.

    It’s definitely a sick design though dude! I like the touch of having the hair add to that anthropod shape. Nice work!

    • endshark says:

      Haha nothing wrong with the red, I just feel it’s the most commonly used when lobsters appear in multiple colours. In the end it might be the scheme that’d sell the message best though.

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