Wu 02: Jacob Rickets

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Jacob Rickets


Jacob Rickets was born into a prosperous family and studied in equally as prosperous university and graduated as an electrical engineer. His intelligence is off the charts and is a member of Mensa. He helps people by tweaking things to be more efficent. He almost never builds things from ground up, rather he will take an existing solution and tweak it. His tweaking usually gets out of hand and the results become something entirely different.

Not a superhero on his own, but uses his tweaks to aid other superheros by utilizing his skillset. He works in his own shop called “Rickety Jake’s That Joke Is Old”. He doesn’t affiliate himself with any of his clients, but rather enjoys tweaking the crap the hero’s own ‘engineers’ have put together.

Despite his initial appearance, he is very welcoming and considers himself to be an ambivert.

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