03: Dailuna

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Brief Bio/Description:
Dailuna is a member of the cosmic council. She presides over the white dwarf maintenance department, and takes her job very seriously. She’s also one of the leading fashion trend-setters in her galaxy. Her “hair” is actually a cerebral-nervous window, which mimics the appearance of a galaxy. The more relaxed she is, the fewer the number of white star bursts and the calmer the changing of the colors. When she is agitated, the bursts are rapid and the colors swirl. She paints her lips and hooves and sometimes applies cosmetics around her eyes and on her facial skeletal pieces.

Style Commentary:
Dailuna is almost the lofty cosmic being I’ve had stuck in my head for three days now. Almost, but not quite. Again, I had a great deal of fun with the pencil-sketch brushes, and used about five layers in Photoshop to slap down a goofy background and basic colors on her. I wanted to do more with clothing today, so I played around and took a little extra time painting in the different areas and used a clipping mask or two to help keep her figure separate from the background. Honestly, the most impressive stylistic revelation, to me, is that I am exponentially faster at laying down and finishing rough colors now than I was even a few months ago. I love it!

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