#3 May Day & E-Quip

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Day 3 – May Day and E-Quip

Back in the late 90s, warzones were dominated by butt kicking and no-name taking heroes like Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Serious Sam, and May Day. But the battlefield shifted when those health packs, weapons, and upgrades scattered around the world were finally noticed by the evil doom soldier army and in one swift move war was changed. While most military outfits switched to respawned soldiers, carrying 2 weapons max, and regenerative shields, one company took a different route.

A-Tech Defense developed a revolutionary prototype weapon they named E-Quip. An all-in-one gun with a built in AI that selects what types of munitions to fire based on advances circumstantial sensors. In order to alleviate the necessity to carry 17 different weapons around on your back. It can consume enemy weapons to refill it’s ammunition and gain new firing modes. Feed it a rocket launcher, and it can shoot rockets.

When A-tech called in May Day, she thought she was finally returning to the warfront she knew, not getting saddled with a metal babysitter who fancies itself in charge and keeps insulting her puns as she works.

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