#3 – Plyron Accaf

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03 FilmPirate

Plyron Accaf is a member of the Ordati – a minor species in the Galaxy in terms of political power, but thanks to Plyron Accaf, a very wealthy one. They are an androgynous species whose don’t specifically have individual names in the human sense – Plyron is the house name (a house only established a few generations ago) while “Accaf” represents the specific place in the house, with each letter representing to which child they are.

Plyron Accaf however has not made himself and his house wealthy, but his entire species – his secret? He sits in his ship in near earth orbit and intercepts all earth broadcasts and acquires DVDs.  He then duplicates films and television and sells it to the intergalactic market who lap up these products that are still exotic to galactic audiences and cost him nothing to produce.  Earth Security forces are well aware of this, but to they feel it would be far too much effort to inform all the copyright holders, and have to deal with potentially centuries of litigation and costs in the trillions – what they don’t know can’t hurt them.



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