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04: Humbert

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Character Name: 
Mr. Humbert Greyfellow

Brief Bio/Description:
Humbert is a self-made man – well, whale-man. He had a knack for business and made his first small fortune by giving the people in his town what they wanted and needed, for a competitive price. Which, at the time, was the news. He worked out the best possible routes to serve the most people in the shortest amount of time and was able to fill more orders on his own than several other postal veterans could with their combined efforts. His mind for mechanics and logistics took him through several local businesses, until he started his own, in furniture. And protection. He doesn’t like to be called the Boss. And his kindness is genuine. But, it’s still “Mr. Greyfellow” to you.

Style Commentary:
I wanted to break way from the alien-people I’ve been doing, so I flipped through the first few pages of deviantART today, and I got hit with this image of a round, hunched, maybe-jovial, maybe-scheming whale-like creature. So, I took to my Photoshop pencils and drew him. Twice, actually (I messed up my layers and had to re-do him). I almost stopped at the sketch stage, but since I’ve been doing so well with colors, I pushed through! I wanted to make him subdued and somber. He still has a little bit of a domineering presence, but his peak is behind him, and he is growing slowly tired of his business empire. Perhaps now he seeks peace and rest, and an heir to his dominion.

2013 Day 4–CowQuake

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#4 – The Pink Slam

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The Pink Slam is an amateur wrestler who merely wrestles for fun.  He is a really nice guy, and he shows as much honor to his opponents as possible.  He appears to be in his early 20s, and his favorite color is pink.  Outside of the ring, he enjoys watching movies, skateboarding, and reading novels.

#4 Lady Savior

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To round out the hero I posted for the first day a bit, here’s Lady Savior who was the first hero to come up.  She started out basically just helping people out in different ways, like saving them from buses and helping them carry things to their cars but then villains rose up pretty much because they didn’t like this so she became a basic superhero ever since.

ladysaviortotharesque copy

Day 4: The Horrific Handman

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Day 3: The Lost Unicorn

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The Lost Unicorn is an aloof and illusive creature. He seems a little sad, but maybe that’s because he’s funny looking.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.Day3

Day 2: Jenny Midnight

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Jenny Midnight is a quiet girl, with dark locks and dark looks. She loves especially to stare at the stars, and sometimes, if she catches the light right, you can see them twinkle in her hair.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


Adventure girl

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Day 1: Ember the Salamander

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Ember the Salamander is an odd little guy. He mostly wants to be left alone, but he can’t seem to say no when his human neighbors need to be helped, and sometimes rescued.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.



#4- Lulu le lutin

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#3-The Pirate

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No scanner yesterday …


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Day 4 – The Texas Twister

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Day 4 - Texas Twister FINAL

One thing I do not miss about Texas – having recently moved back to New Mexico where I grew up – is the annual threat of tornadoes. The tornado is like a villain from an Old West saga:  you know it’s coming, it’s going to be devastating and your best bet is to hide no matter how brave and invulnerable you think you are. I’ve had plenty of close calls with real tornadoes (one almost took the roof off of my house) and this past year has been another test from a tornado of health problems for me. So, I think of this exercise as something of an exorcism:  “just keep on moving and leave me alone, you’ve done enough damage already.” Sometimes all you can do is pick up the broken pieces, rebuild and move on.

Day 4 – Roxanne

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Roxanne is a cosplay monster. She is basically the epitome of all things cosplay, good or bad. Below is a list of every item she is wearing from some fandom. They only item not from a fandom is her blue and green cloak, which she always wears.


Sailor Moon: boots

Lord of the Rings: Gandalf’s staff

The Little Mermaid: t-shirt and skirt

Harry Potter: Gryffindor tie

The Last Unicorn: Lady Amalthea’s hair

Supernatural: Demon Eyes

Star Wars: Zabrak Dathomirian Skin


Monster #5: Geokaiju

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Less cute, more scary today. A giant earthquake unearths this long-slumbering giant… And he’s not too happy about it.

#4 – Rooster Jack

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Rooster Jack. Excitable, nervous, twitchy and wiry. Looks timid but always ready for a fight. Like Sriracha sauce. – mike r. baker

004 – Michelle Nguyen

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She found a new purpose in her life when she developed superpowers.  Now she’s a superhero-in-training looking ways to balance her new life with her current.

Day4 – Sophia

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Sophia is a young princess to the king of the land.  She seems like a sweet, innocent girl, but she is a little demented.  She will do random things that make no sense to most people.  She can use body modification magic which can be used to heal people or cause horrible mutations.  She usually only uses her magic when no one is looking so no one knows where the mutations are coming from.  The changes don’t last long so no serious investigations have been undertaken



Day 04: Ramu Rocket

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Ramu Rocket

Ram Rocket currently holds the womens championship title on the yakuza run wrestling promotion BattleDynamite. She represents both the company and her employers.

#2 Rose Plumeria

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After moving to Japan to teach English, Rose soon discovered that she could command the lifeforce of flowers at will—thrive or die, blossom or wilt, all a the blink of an eye. Her talents made her a huge celebrity in Japan and her presence has rocked the world of competitive ikebana to its very core. But, as a wise poet once sang, every rose has its thorn, and our Rose harbors her own terrible secrets…

website | tumblr | twitter @photinakis

No #4 Frank Raabirck

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See more of my work HERE!


#4 – Shurkette

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Shurkette, or Kettie as her regulars know her, used to let ’em get under her skin. Until she fought back with the wrong warlock. Now she’s cursed to walk the earth with a pair of tiny human legs. The horror!

#3 – Roger Rob-It

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When deciding to pursue a life of crime, Roger thought outside the box. No one would suspect a cute rabbit as a thief! Clearly Roger is neither cute nor a rabbit, so he invented a pair of rabbit boots to fit the role. Aside from their good luck, they also help him escape the scene by leaps and bounds!

#04 – Flicker

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04 - Flicker

In what remains of the city park, people can see a light in the early evenings. Dancing in the sunset, some people have decided it is a warning. Others have decided it is an invitation.

No #04 Ruben Kaae

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No #04


No #04

White Shadow

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White Shadow Character 4

003 – Kimi

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Older sister of Isao and shares the responsibilities of the forest with her brother.

002 – Isao

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He is a child of a local land god who watches over a special forest.

#6 – The Ivory Tower

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06 ivorytower

The Ivory Tower is to outwards appearances a huge building perched high in an obscure corner of the Canadian Rockies, but further inspection reveals far more than meets this initial inspection.  For one the white substance it is clad in is not rock but carved vertebrae from some gigantic animal.   Secondly, records of the building go back as far as anyone was present in the area, and appears in the legends of the native peoples.  No one knows how it got there or what it was originally for, but to those in the know, it represents the most terrifying intellect on the planet.   What isn’t obvious from the outside is that 98% of this titanic structure is filled with something resembling brain matter, and it is active and conscious.

The remaining 2% represents a slender spiral staircase at its core while lead up to a small spherical room where one may interact with the Tower, though the front door of the place only opens to exceptional intellects.  What little is known about the tower is that not only does it possess tremendous brainpower, but telepathic powers on an incalculable scale, suggestions are that it works to the point where it manipulates the basic thoughts of the entire planet if not further in subtle ways, trying to steer us towards some future goal.  It also seems to have access to communications and be able to make trillions of subtle alterations per second to messages passed, although to what ends these happen no-one knows.  No one has been able to ascertain what its eventual goals are, and while those who do get admittance may ask for any knowledge in the world l (excepting things about itself), doing so is playing with fire, as even though it always seems to answer truthfully who knows what subtle plots the Tower sets up with its answers…


Day 3: Del Ages

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Del Ages; Possible candidate to become a registered Hero which will land her fame and fortune.
Del is cocky but kind, finding that self-confidence and forgiveness bring one furthest in life.
(though this doesn’t mean she won’t resort to brute force to remove anyone from her path)

Random fact about Del Ages:
Del’s sword can actually change size (and to some degree shape) allowing for versatile tactical use in combat.

#4 High-Flying Bear Pilot

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high-flying bear pilot

High-flying bear pilot takes to the sky. Dare-devil flyer, higher than the clouds, nothing dampens this happy-go-lucky guy’s mood.