04: Humbert

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Character Name: 
Mr. Humbert Greyfellow

Brief Bio/Description:
Humbert is a self-made man – well, whale-man. He had a knack for business and made his first small fortune by giving the people in his town what they wanted and needed, for a competitive price. Which, at the time, was the news. He worked out the best possible routes to serve the most people in the shortest amount of time and was able to fill more orders on his own than several other postal veterans could with their combined efforts. His mind for mechanics and logistics took him through several local businesses, until he started his own, in furniture. And protection. He doesn’t like to be called the Boss. And his kindness is genuine. But, it’s still “Mr. Greyfellow” to you.

Style Commentary:
I wanted to break way from the alien-people I’ve been doing, so I flipped through the first few pages of deviantART today, and I got hit with this image of a round, hunched, maybe-jovial, maybe-scheming whale-like creature. So, I took to my Photoshop pencils and drew him. Twice, actually (I messed up my layers and had to re-do him). I almost stopped at the sketch stage, but since I’ve been doing so well with colors, I pushed through! I wanted to make him subdued and somber. He still has a little bit of a domineering presence, but his peak is behind him, and he is growing slowly tired of his business empire. Perhaps now he seeks peace and rest, and an heir to his dominion.

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