#2 Rose Plumeria

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After moving to Japan to teach English, Rose soon discovered that she could command the lifeforce of flowers at will—thrive or die, blossom or wilt, all a the blink of an eye. Her talents made her a huge celebrity in Japan and her presence has rocked the world of competitive ikebana to its very core. But, as a wise poet once sang, every rose has its thorn, and our Rose harbors her own terrible secrets…

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Maria Photinakis is a Boston-based comic book artist and illustrator. Very geeky and proudly Greeky, in between her long-term autobiographical, fantasy or historical fiction comic projects, she's working on a few webcomics, including Furtive Nerd and Between Sleeps. She also co-hosts a podcast and studies ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). You can find out more about her work on her website: http://www.photinakis.com

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