#4 – Elias Winston: The Revolutionist

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Elias Winston is a man from the year 2103 who has returned to the present to instill his values on the present to hasted the creation of the world he lives in.  It just so happens that he isn’t the only one who that sentence applies to.  Time Travel is a bit of a strange thing, yet compared to inter dimensional travel it is very easy, however because various futures can come about from one present, you can end up with a case like that of the two Elias Winstons.  They both traveled back in time to our present, which is a past they share.

Elias Winston (aka The Revolutionist) is the World Leader of Future Timeline designate AF6-0093925-2103, commonly referred to as “The Commune” – in this timeline run away Capitalism was rampant leading to massive wealth disparity into which young Elias Winston was born.  There is some suggestion that his bloodline may have something to do with the Order of Solomon (see Samuel Bonaparte Khan) but most believe he was purely just a perfect storm of genetics and upbringing that made him an unparalleled talent in technology, leadership and genetics.  After a starting and winning a revolution over 16 years, he decided to travel back into the past to instill his perfect world order back when the Mega-Corporations were taking route.  Fortunately despite his prodigious talents have been held back by another time traveler: The Futurist – Elias Winston, the World Leader of Timeline BZ2-0002346-2103, whose own desire to travel to the past and change the past to match his Capitalistic Corporation-State based World directly opposes the future of the Revolutionist, and thus fortunately, the great fighters of the world have not had to deal with his full intellect…

The Futurist is an expert in cybernetics, advanced energy sources and weapons, espionage and guerilla warfare.  He quickly established a power-base in poor, financially frustrated countries which didn’t have a problem harbouring  Time-travelling Terrorists and is believed to be behind other terrorist groups in secret.  He has also amassed a substantial terrorist network, but due to various military assaults by the troops of the Futurist, he has been unable to make broader assaults on other corporations and states.

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