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Clockwise from the top-left:

Theodore Henderson is the mayor of New Effin, and whether for better or for worse, that’s about it. A traditional-values minded family man, his great grandfather was one of the founding members of New Effin.

“Father” as he’s known, Leonard Boucher has been in New Effin for about as long as anyone can remember. A father figure to the town, only a revered few seem to call him “Leonard”.

Moon-man. Called so because he always smells of moonshine. A favorite past time for some of the more unruly kids, most of the adults in New Effin have a decent amount of sympathy for him. Stories & legends of him tell of an average New Effin man, that went off to the war, and what came back wasn’t quite all there. Some tried to blame the incidents on him, but enough people came to his defense, including “Father”, for the accusers to back off.

Principal Benjamin Crowe of the New Effin high school, is a man obsessed with discipline and order. One of the first people to completely lose it when… things started happening… and point an accusing finger at Beatrice Baker and Herbert Wright.

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