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#5 Sword Killer

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A vampire so old that she took up the sword’s name instead.  The sword’s made of space gallium that’s contained within a special refrigerated sheath that keeps it at optimal temperature.

vampireswordkillerlady copy

Day 5: Cage Match

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Shapeshifting synthetic being, only able to take the form of characters portrayed by Nicolas Cage. Powers unlocked through phrases such as “Not the bees!”, “Put…the bunny….back…in the box.”, or “I can eat a peach for hours.”



05: Grindelia

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Character Name: 

Brief Bio/Description:
Grindelia is a spitfire lion-dragon. She’s also very flirty, and doesn’t care about what race or gender – or lack thereof – you are. What matters to her, is character depth and interest. And intelligence. Like her great-aunt, the Sphinx, Grindelia loves riddles. She also loves deep philosophical discussions and ponders the great expanse of the universe on a daily basis. Her favorite beverage is orange-banana smoothies, and her favorite food is cream-cheese-iced brownies. She is so fond of the brownies, especially, that she has been known to forgive even the most extreme of grudges with a batch or two offered up in apology. She cannot fly, and envies her dragon-kin who can. Though few have hair as luxurious as hers, so she seeks solace in that fact and is known to be at least a little vain. On that note, she is sometimes plagued by worries about her appearance.

Style Commentary:
After seeing saulone’s great monochrome pieces, I wanted to stray away from color today and work with value and contrast. I also wanted to keep away from the aliens that have plagued my imagination lately, and also stay away from a humanoid character – so I got an idea for a dragon-like creature and went with it. I let my lines flow and grow on their own. Grindelia evolved organically from a roughed-in head shape, which grew a wandering neck, which perched atop almost-crossed arms, with a large hump of a rump behind her and a snaking tail to allude to her playfulness. I have not yet mastered the use of mid-tone backgrounds (I’ve got years of working on white paper with dark graphite) but I think this was a hugely successful attempt! If you have any suggestions or tips for working both additively and subtractively on a midtone background without going too crazy on either the highlights or shadows, I’d love to hear them!

04: Gary Druthers

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Joyce Ann Martin - 04: Gary Druthers

Gary could not understand why the kids suddenly started copying his wardrobe.

#5 – Experimental Micro Killer Robot

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An “experiment” in creating a series of small killer robots.  Each robot would have its own set of weapons, should the experiment be successful.  This one in particular, was rushed mid-production, and as a result he may would up being rather useless.  This one appears to have been recently activated.

#1 Jim – The Quiet Man

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Sitting on a bench in the locker room with his head in his hands Jim knew he should have seen this coming. Unlike school locker rooms that had the odor of sports this was a blue-collar cesspool of long hours and questionable decisions.

On the floor lost in the trash and grime was Jim’s 20-year service pin, now three years out of date. The decorative trim was bent and tarnished, the crystal covered with scratches. The Forman had asked Jim to wear it “Help show the younger workers the meaning of dedication,” what a joke that had become.

The Rat Pack was the governing body on the production floor. Management turned a blind eye as long as work was completed on time and under budget.

Jim was no fool; there was black and white in the world. After spending his time in Europe liberating shackled countries from the oppression of Germany he only wanted a quiet life to raise a family. Today however the quiet life was disrupted as The Quiet Man as he was known on the floor was now the fall guy.

Collecting the only personal item from his locker that mattered, a picture of his daughter he walked out onto the floor towards the exit, escorted by security. The hard working men and woman kept their eyes downcast, non brave enough to speak up. Jim did not blame them, he understood. They had families to care for and sometimes you had to look the other way to keep food on the table.

The Rat Pack on the other had were all smiles, chest pushed out strutting around like peacocks during mating season. “We’ll miss you Jimbo” the ringleader called out even though he was only two feet away.

Stopping momentarily Jim looked at the pompous fool, but to the ringleaders disappointment he did not look angry, or even resentful. To everyone’s surprise Jim reached out his right hand, the move of a gentlemen, something unknown in this workman’s world.

Cautiously the proud peacock extended and received a firm but not overbearing salutation. For a brief moment the hint of shame was felt as their eyes connected and The Quiet Man asked, “Did I ever tell you what my job was in Europe? No, I don’t think we ever had that conversation. That’s to bad.”

Releasing hands Jim walked to the time clock, selected his card and punched it for the last time.

Character 5: CypherS@ge

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He’s a high-tech hacker criminal with a colorful background as well as a colorful taste in clothing.

Character 4: Sinita

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I’m terrible at names. But I managed to color this one! She is a high-class femme fatale that likes the finer things in life, like jewelry, flowing dresses and murder.


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Day 5: Andy Dandy- The Fly Guy

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JFKDay5_13Andy Dandy likes to put his best foot forward… but the fact that he’s a mutant fly person seems to be standing in the way of his full potential… you could say that Andy’s kinda thick about that point… he doesn’t get what’s so obvious to everyone else… the fact that he throws up all over lunch before devouring it is just how business is done!


Wu 04-05: Amy Diamond & TomBOT

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Amy Diamond & TomBOT


Amy Diamond is a student at a normal highschool of Nth New York (the namers stopped counting after 89th destruction through shenanigans) – a city full of life and lights. She is almost blind and cannot ever recover her vision, but she still keeps being cheerful and likes to be around people, despite the occasional bullying. She studies to become a captain of a starship and dreams of commanding one of her own – just like her father did.

TomBOT is a small A.I. robot who accompanies Amy wherever she goes. It was a gift from Amy’s father before his disappearance. It has a cheerful, yet a little naivë look at things and often fails to realise it is in danger. It tries it’s best to be the best helper and friend for Amy. TomBOT mostly functions as eyes for Amy, but does other tasks as well, like cooking, shopping and cleaning. It manages all chores with it’s small arms usually hidden in the circular compratments.

#05 – Nahual

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05 - Nahual

History is full of stories of wild men. From the Native American Skinwalker to the modern Bigfoot, there seems to be something fundamentally frightening about a person who is more animal than human. When that line becomes blurred, we can no longer be certain if we’re predator or prey.


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Little Planty Boy

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Day4-Little Planty-01

#4 and #5 – Amila and Wisp

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amila and wisp day 5


Amila is a preteen witch and Wisp is her sarcastic talking horse familiar.

#05.) Glooble

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Glooble is a monster, but she is neither fearsome nor does she eat people. She’s, in fact, quite gentle. Her favorite food is cake with strawberry frosting.

#5 – Sir Fairfield

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An adventurer. A seeker of relics. His most recent find: A pair of Rocket Boots.He was quite pleased, burned cloak be damned.


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Kilpaik Character 5

day 5- Loralie the Witch

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30Characters-5- LoralieSo for today’s viewing pleasure we have Loralie the Witch.  I’m not sure why I made her aqua, but I have a feeling its from all the magic she uses tainting her skin *shrugs*.  I had fun making a non-gruesome witch.

#4 The 3rd King

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Day 4

The 3rd King, or the Twilight Emperor as he prefers to be called, rules the 3rd World, Crepusculum. With the power of light in his right hand, the dark in his left, and his mighty sword, The Monolith, he actively governs his domain. With his booming voice, and large size, his presence alone is a commanding force.He leans far more towards aggressive tactics in the politics of the 9 Kings, But even he is yet to attempt to take charge of another King’s dominion.

As a little reference, his sword The Monolith, stands from the tip of its blade to the base of the hilt, at a staggering 7 feet.

#4 Kung Po Panda

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Po … no, not THAT one, it is a common name, you know … was a panda with a great destiny: to be the Dragon Warrior.  Unfortunately he lived quite close to Mr. Ping’s Noodle Restaurant and became addicted to one of their delicacies, Kung Po Noodles.  So while Po … yes, THAT one …went on to join the Furious Five as the Kung Fu Panda, Po … the OTHER one … drowned his sorrows in tub after tub of spicy goodness, becoming bigger and bigger, and earning himself a less distinguished name: the Kung Po Panda!!!

No #05 Ruben Kaae

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No #05


No #05

Star Crasher

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30 characters  star crasherXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Star Crasher is a hi-speed multi-system wanderer, capable of blowing his way through a star (or planet for that matter- which makes him a threat to anyone who knows what he can do!). He is making his way from system to system looking for any evidence of what happened to the Scarlett Legion- the unit he was assigned to when they were attacked. During the battle he was knocked unconscious and has no memory of who attacked and what happened.

Afterlife Hunter- Ahab Reeger

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30 characters  afterlifeHUNTER


Ahab Reeger was born with a ghost eye, and his Old World family knew immediately he would be a tracker and fighter of evil creatures and manifestations of the afterlife. Armed with his hand-held Specter mortar and the Dragon’s Tooth blade, Ahab also carries a variety of spices, herbs, talismans, rings and medallions to confront just about any kind of otherworldly evil.

# 3 Ditto

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Ditto is a mysterious character who operates on the fringe of the law. He has allegedly been seen at the scene of several jewel robberies and witnesses swear that he is able to split into two or more versions of himself and in some cases appearing behind a guard that had the drop on him and knocking the guard unconscious.

#2 Behemoth

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Behemoth was born a mutant weighing in at seven foot six and near 500 pounds. highly recruited by Kristy Kelly who put together C.H.A.M.P.S and the Awesome 5!, Behemoth shunned the superhero spotlight and in fact tried procedures to reduce his stature which ironically made him stronger and turned his skin blue.

#1 Krank

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Krank was just an average career criminal until he agreed to take part in an experiment because he was low on cash. What he was transformed into was a rampaging maniac with an addiction to pure electricity. Every few hours he must connect to a battery charger to renew his life force giving him superhuman strength for a short time.

#2 Dog wizard

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Wizard dog

ADAM Day 1

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Adam was the first sentient humanoid robot life form created by humans. Adam sparked the beginning of the robotic revolution and the extinction of organic life on Earth. His “electronica manifesto” become the basis for a new robotic society which now rules the planet Earth and is rapidly conquering other planets through out the Milky Way Galaxy.



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#5 Face of Death

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2013 Day 05


Death takes a new face with every being it visits.

So this might be it´s face for a Xena fan! 😉

The Character here is Death itself even if I just draw one of it´s faces.

Have fun!