#04.) Morris Williamson

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments


Morris Williamson is a man, a man who does not know exactly what he is. He’s not sure if he’s a mutated human, a strange new species, an alien, a scientific experiment gone wrong, or any other possibility. His lack of identity causes him great depression and confusion. Despite all this,he tries to do his best to achieve his goal in life- living a relatively normal, day-to-day life amongst other humans.

Category: 2013, Fantasy, WTF

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I am a recent art school graduate and meandering hopeful freelance/comic artist who lives in the middle of the United States. When not doing work I like to play video games, watch dumb ghost-shows, read bad creepypastas and play Dungeons & Dragons with friends. I also have a webcomic, which you should totally look at- http://oldbonescomic.blogspot.com/

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