#3 Sable

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Interdimensional crime never stops – nor does Sable.

A reject of a late-night brainstorm of silver-age Marvel writers, Sable still proudly wears his Marvel boots, even though he’s been totally forgotten. To this day he still totes his calligraphy brush, ink stick and water pouch, though his back complains more and more. Sable can summon an interdimensional portal with just the swash of his oversized brush, allowing him to travel where and whenever he likes so he can practice his Chinese character drills in peace.

Please note that he hates it when people mistake his expensive, giant calligraphy brush for an everyday mop. It is NOT a mop.

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Maria Photinakis is a Boston-based comic book artist and illustrator. Very geeky and proudly Greeky, in between her long-term autobiographical, fantasy or historical fiction comic projects, she's working on a few webcomics, including Furtive Nerd and Between Sleeps. She also co-hosts a podcast and studies ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). You can find out more about her work on her website: http://www.photinakis.com

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