#7 – The Briar Knight

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07 Knight

The Briar Knight is a series of men and women throughout the ages, all who have wielded a blade known as the Briar-thorn.  The blade grants the wielder near invulnerability, immunity to poison, disease, no need to breathe and immense strength and more worryingly, seriously affecting the perception of the world for the wielder.

After the death of the previous Briar Knight, the blade evaporates from the hands of the wielder and has been unable to be contained.  It then seemingly finds its way to a random person in the world who is in danger at that moment where it appears as a small knife with which to defend themselves.  From there on, every death the blade causes causes it to grow slightly as it absorbs the blood of the slain, and the greater the size, the more entwined with a being it becomes, and more influence it has on them.  The problem is the way the blade expresses itself is to send the new Briar Knight on quests, but unfortunately the standards by which it does so are very medieval in their attitudes – it will take an objective and the Knight will end up slaying anyone who gets in his path.   General public advice on a Briar Knight coming through an area is a broad evacuation.

The current Briar Knight seems marginally less Bloodthristy than the last, and also more cunning, but his greater success is reflected in the sword reaching the largest size of any Briar-thorn incarnation on record.  Due to the practical indestructibility and devastation caused by Briar Knights, several have been killed by bearers of the Divine Rod, who in doing so became unworthy of their own weapon.



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