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Fred 04: Oliver

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Oliver lives for murder and board games and nothing else.

Neon Demon

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#4 Leaves

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2013 Day 04


Leaves is a pile of leaves who can change it´s shape according to it´s mood or destination.

Here we have some of it´s forms. The form of a woman was to visit cities and get near humans as Leaves find them interesting.

The dragon like shape is when Leaves get into a tornado (no matter the size of said tornado).

Have fun!


#5 kid sister

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my cromozo!

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#3 The Avianator

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Herbert Wilberforce always dreamed about flying; he signed up to the Air Force on his 16th birthday, only to realise that he was profoundly colour blind so wasn’t able to be a pilot.  Being a passenger in a plane didn’t feel right, neither did hot air balloons, gliders, or even hang gliding.  Parachuting was close but, as he said once, it was more like falling with style than flying.  He spent the next 70 years of his life trying to fulfill his dreams.  Invention after invention was discarded, as he worked to build the ultimate flying machine fuelled by his love for his favourite movie: The Rocketeer.  Every spare penny he had went into his desire to fly; his parents’ home, left to him when they died without him really noticing, was sold off bit by bit until all that was left was the small shed were he built his inventions …and lived, if truth be told … and the large oak tree that sheltered it.  His only company was that tree and the birds that lived in it; birds that he fed each and every day, wind or rain, sharing the meager food he himself ate.  Eventually even this small plot of land was bought from under him …shed, tree, and birds alike.  The strain was a little too much and as he attempted to fight off the developers his frail body gave out but, as his heart gave out, and his body began to collapse, the birds that he had sheltered and fed took him by the arms and lifted him into the sky, higher and higher.  With his last breath he gave a smile as he realised that, finally, he was flying.

Fred 03: Manuela Lorraine

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Trust her, she knows what she’s doing. Always.

Fred 02: The Illuminated

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No one knows who he was. All that is known is that one cold winter’s night, Death came to him and, instead taking him away, offered him enlightenment.

#3 Sable

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Interdimensional crime never stops – nor does Sable.

A reject of a late-night brainstorm of silver-age Marvel writers, Sable still proudly wears his Marvel boots, even though he’s been totally forgotten. To this day he still totes his calligraphy brush, ink stick and water pouch, though his back complains more and more. Sable can summon an interdimensional portal with just the swash of his oversized brush, allowing him to travel where and whenever he likes so he can practice his Chinese character drills in peace.

Please note that he hates it when people mistake his expensive, giant calligraphy brush for an everyday mop. It is NOT a mop.

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#5 Well ‘o’ Ink

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Originally I thought of Marvel’s Shaper of Worlds, then a sort of Oracle character from DC Comics, but now I think he’s more of a neutral character who writes the texts of the world! – Like The Watcher!

#05 – Drew Fuss

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05-Drew Fuss

Drew Fuss is your typical everyday kid…  he enjoys pizza and playing video games, and hanging out with friends.

Baby Rock

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baby Rock

2013 Post#5 — El Gato

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Wilcox Post#5 — El Gato

El Gato(Spanish = “The Cat”) is a Latino super hero. His costume is armored and allows its wearer the strength of 5 men.

Day 5: Renegade Scout

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Renegade ScoutAnother player piece for my WIP, 3d print-and-play board game, Demonstar.


Day 5: Gregory Fox the Boxer-Wearing Ox

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#05 Gregory Fox, the Boxer-Wearing Ox
Hmm… I hate to say but….I think I really hate Ox now. This one was sooo frustrating!
Of all the pieces thus far, definitely my least favorite! HMPH
… But I hope you enjoy it anyways!

#1 Deerpriest

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człowiek jeleń3

Medieval Michael

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Medieval Michael by Wendy Martin

#3 Percy Sutton: Artesianal Vegan Baker

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#3 Percy Sutton: Artesianal Vegan Baker

Percy has been baking since the age of 4. It’s been a lifelong passion of his, starting with his older sisters old EZ Bake. Of course, as a child, he was often left to be his own taste tester, & as a result was always a bit on the heavier side. Between his weight & his “girly” pursuits, he was picked up mercilessly. But as Percy grew older, he became obsessed with making healthy food delicious & delicious food healthy & somewhere meeting in the middle. After school, he went to Europe, perfecting some of the more traditional aspects of his craft at the most prestigious bakeries in France & Italy. He came back home, only to go & study in places like San Fransisco, & later Portland, where he began to incorporate their more health-conscious & natural elements. It even helped him shed the pounds too.

He eventually settled down & started purveying his own baked goods through Biscuit, his own shop in East Austin, TX. Opening the doors at the age of 24, he’s been baking bread & other items for almost a full decade now. The bread, of course, is his specialty. Offering six different varieties, he’s got his own special ingredients & methods that make each of his gluten free loaves the rave of the town. While his customers usually come in for the desert items, your cupcakes, your pastries, they get tempted & always leave with some the bread too. As Percy has put it, “Why not enjoy that same delightful experience when you’re just having a sandwich or a piece of toast? And it’s good for you! Better than that store shit.”

It’s a huge seller, & Percy sometimes finds it hard to keep up with all the demand, but he really enjoys trying. With the amount of business going through his shop, it’s easily the top Artesianal Vegan Bakery in town (& considering you can only find that kind of an establishment in a city like Austin, probably the state as a whole). Seeing him as a bit of a small-time celebrity, his customers often ask why someone with his skills & passion doesn’t have his own show yet.

Oh. That?
Yeah, uh Percy doesn’t really like talking about that. It started as just a simple rash on his shoulder. He knew he shouldn’t have scratched or picked at it but it was just so itchy though. When it started to get really bad, he tried using all natural & holistic remedies, because they’re supposed to be healthier for you, you know? But then things really seemed to get out of hand. It turned blue, then black. It sprouted teeth, eyes, wiggly little tentacle like nerve-endings, then the weird whitish brainy-guts bits. The claws that budded off were a strange development, but he’s recently gotten an okay amount of control over them some times. While the whole thing might be a little off putting to look at, he’s grown pretty used to it by now & it’s not going to let it stop him. Though he’s pretty sure that it’s the reason the 24 hour cooking channels keep rejecting his pitches for a show.
If you see him, just don’t draw too much attention to it & you’ll be fine.

I had originally planned on starting with this on Friday as my first but you can probably guess why it’s taken me a while to finish. Part of the reason was that on Sunday, I saw a comic artist on my facebook page say the only thing people were getting out of 30 Characters was 30 halfassed drawings. Out of spite, I took my time & went the full Tetsuo. That & it’s just fun to draw body horror sometimes. Either way, I ask you, still half-assed? Whatever, the internet’s been dumb lately, & I like drawing tentacles sometimes.

Also, moral of the story: this is what happens when you don’t eat meat.

More soon as I play catch up. I might have a bit of extra time today, so let’s hope.

#7 – The Briar Knight

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07 Knight

The Briar Knight is a series of men and women throughout the ages, all who have wielded a blade known as the Briar-thorn.  The blade grants the wielder near invulnerability, immunity to poison, disease, no need to breathe and immense strength and more worryingly, seriously affecting the perception of the world for the wielder.

After the death of the previous Briar Knight, the blade evaporates from the hands of the wielder and has been unable to be contained.  It then seemingly finds its way to a random person in the world who is in danger at that moment where it appears as a small knife with which to defend themselves.  From there on, every death the blade causes causes it to grow slightly as it absorbs the blood of the slain, and the greater the size, the more entwined with a being it becomes, and more influence it has on them.  The problem is the way the blade expresses itself is to send the new Briar Knight on quests, but unfortunately the standards by which it does so are very medieval in their attitudes – it will take an objective and the Knight will end up slaying anyone who gets in his path.   General public advice on a Briar Knight coming through an area is a broad evacuation.

The current Briar Knight seems marginally less Bloodthristy than the last, and also more cunning, but his greater success is reflected in the sword reaching the largest size of any Briar-thorn incarnation on record.  Due to the practical indestructibility and devastation caused by Briar Knights, several have been killed by bearers of the Divine Rod, who in doing so became unworthy of their own weapon.



2013 Challenge: Day 5- Algernon Pickwiggins

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Algernon Pickwiggins



Algernon is a consummate gentleman’s gentleman. Not even his on demise in 1948 has kept him from his duties. Stiff upper lip..and everything else too.

#5 Emma, The Collector

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#5 Barcian Chuu

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Day 5 – Barcian Chuu

Pro running back in the EFL (Extraterrestrial Football League), Barcian Chuu is a interstellar celebrity, known for his surprisingly small size at 5 feet 3 inches, but his speed and incredibly useful three eyes with dual pupils, means he’s got impressive situational awareness. With sudden cuts, twists, spins, leaps, and bursts of speed he “chuu’s up the field”.

Day 3 – Orion Azure

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Day 3 - Orion AzureKinda bummed that I haven’t been able to colour these, but that’s what full time work does to a person ^^;

Anywho, continuing on with the theme of humanized electronic devices, this is Orion Azure. He’s a well-known commentator and socialite who dabbles in photography and astronomy in his spare time. He will often have a clear plastic umbrella when it’s raining.


#5 Eggplantine

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Day 4: Fenny Paige the Ferret Pirate

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Day 4: Fenny Paige!
This time around, I used an app called Shuffle! by Silver. In turn, adds a little more “character” to this Character Challenge. In any case, enjoy the ferret!

day 4- Ysmin

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Today’s monster girl is Ysmin the Golem.  I realized after drawing her that she reminded me of the monster summon things from Persona.  I left a couple of the thumbnails in this time too.  If I could only afford my new scanner sooner, I wouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense that is that blur.

30Characters 2013 Day five

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Pavel, man who killed Dinosaurs.


Sail Her by the Moon

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This character is actually a design created in a panel I led at Stockton-Con 2013. A live model inspired this design. She is a hybrid of character like Wonder Woman and Storm. Airesso

E03- Karma

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Lagging behind here. Anyway, will try and do day 4 and 5 tomorrow (or I guess its technically today now where I am)!!
Some sort of space alien chameleon assassin lady, she does her job well.

#04.) Morris Williamson

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Morris Williamson is a man, a man who does not know exactly what he is. He’s not sure if he’s a mutated human, a strange new species, an alien, a scientific experiment gone wrong, or any other possibility. His lack of identity causes him great depression and confusion. Despite all this,he tries to do his best to achieve his goal in life- living a relatively normal, day-to-day life amongst other humans.

Vestigial Appendage Boy

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Vestigial Appendage Boy

presented without comment …except that comment