#06 – Mala Almasi

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06 - Mala Almasi

No two people react the same way to stress. For some, an impending deadline is a reason to buckle down and dig in, while for others, it’s a reason to give up. Likewise, the pressure that a city full of the wandering dead exerts affects the humans who still live in it in different ways. For Edwin, the dead are a burden, a stack of paperwork to be slowly ground through. For his dispatcher, however, the dead are an enigma to solve, a series of intriguing riddles that demand untangling.

Mala Almasi is an enthusiastic, inquisitive young lady with a voracious intellect. Though Edwin does a great deal of the footwork in tracking down the families of the dead that stumble into his cab, it’s usually Mala that solves whatever mysteries they bring with them. Though he sometimes bristles at her energetic nature, Mala is usually the one to push Edwin forward when he gets stuck. Though they frequently get on each other’s nerves, they make an effective and efficient team.

Category: 2013, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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