#5 The 8th King(s)

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Day 5

Sharing dominion over the 8th World, the Twin Kings are constantly at odds. Originally, they were one, joined as the King Cunctacio, however, the King was plagued so much by the fear of what ramifications a decision made by someone with his powers could cause, that he could never actually come to a decision on anything. One day though, he did make one decision, and he used his power to tear himself in half, so that he might be free from the torture of indecision. From this, the Twin Kings were born, but still indecision plagues the crown, as neither twin can ever agree on anything, and neither wishes to cede to the other. As far their involvement in the politics of the Kings, they are surprisingly aggressive in comparison to their previous unified self, however since they can never join together on an issue, their actual sway amongst the other Kings is relatively low.

Originally, King Cunctacio was amongst the strongest of the 9 Kings, but after his division, each of the twins is now significantly less powerful than any other King.

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