#6 Sister Superior Marci

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Day 6 – Sister Superior Marci

Stalwart commander of the squad of battle sisters known as Right Wing, Sister Superior Marci is a powerful, capable, and dominant leader. Having both age and experience over her Canoness, Marci is often sought out when decisions need to be made, both on and off the battlefield. A position she enjoys tremendously.

While in combat, Right wing spearheads any forward assault with a compliment of flamers and bolters, but Marci herself has a particular love for grenades. Frag, Krak, or the illustrious Meltabomb, anything she can throw at an enemy then watch as they panic moments before they explode. Cool guys may walk away from explosions, but Marci prefers to watch them run. She is often seen chewing on a grenade pin long after battles are over, even weeks after conflict has ended, if peace ever lasts that long.

Between holy wars, Marci is usually found tutoring younger acolytes, driving them to higher goals in their devotion to the emperor. There is a rumor among her fellow sisters that when Marci was injured in combat years ago that she requested a little more than just treatment to her wounds, as she has a remarkably well sculpted body. Those who claim to have been close enough to know for sure, swear they are forbidden from revealing the answer.

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