8 – Black Sparrow

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08Cybernetic copy

Japan, more than any other nation, has gone in for cybernetics in its security forces, and there are many combat enhanced cybernetically enhanced humans in the police, military and paramilitary.  During the 90’s their most successful of these agents has a woman who codename was the “Sparrow”, who boasted not only top of the line prosthetics, but a genuine gift for this kind of work.  In early 2003 she took part in a mission against a cybernetic terrorist cell who were hours away from destroying half of Asia using Biological weapons.  She was successful, and the plot was not only thwarted, but the cell and all its leaders were killed.  Unfortunately, so was she, and while her body was initially recovered, her human brain had taken far too much damage and she was declared dead.

However, her mechanical body was unharmed, and it was stolen from a government facility 2 weeks later during the autospy.  Subsequently, whoever took the body seems to have installed an AI in it, and the body of the hero formerly known as Sparrow is now referred to as Black Sparrow – an incredibly dangerous assassin and terrorist for hire.  No one is clear who took the body, but whoever it was will be dangerous, as they are presumably guarded by effectively one of the most dangerous combatant of recent memory.


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  1. otakutaylor1 says:

    Oooo interesting story for an cygorg body turned android. Love the design~

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