#10 – Dorris Ramsley

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Not necessarily what you’d usually expect in a murderous psychopath for hire, Dorris Ramsley, a pensioner from Ipswich is deemed one of the highest threat assassins on the planet.  This is largely due to the particularly effective combination of powers she was born with – her eyes are devastating weapons, they combine high power laser bolts with x-ray and telescopic vision meaning that she can be miles away with buildings, walls and other things blocking her line of sight (and those who would defend her target) and still take out someone in a single shot.  Fortunately, for the world, her former builder son acts as her manager and is not particularly good at setting up meetings with the kind of people who want people killed.  Generally, they have to track her down themselves if they want her services, and get her to a location through border-control and so on, which isn’t an appeallign prospect for those who wish to keep their dark dealings off the books.


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