#3 el luchador más feliz

| November 7, 2013 | 6 Comments

el luchador más feliz

El luchador más feliz (the happiest wrestler) is the only man to have fought Death and bested him. Known throughout the land as the most joyful of all of the Luchadors  when Más feliz encountered Death in his little home village he demanded that Death leave his family and friends alone.  Death challenged him to several competitions before finally succumbing before Más feliz in a battle of endurance which Más feliz of course faced with good nature and a smile.

Claiming Death’s belt and scythe as his trophies he ordered Death to resume his duties without the overzealous approach that he had been acting with.

PS I’m really loving this challenge…


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  1. Colin Chick says:

    I’m enjoying it too! He just looks so incongruously happy, and I suddenly feel less self-conscious about my own chest hair. That takes a lot, you know.

  2. Donald says:

    Happiest! Love it. I’ve got a luchador coming up in one of my characters. Best qualification: “fought death and bested him.”

    • Lee says:

      I’d love to do more with Luchadors – I just really love their look and there’s something just fun about them! Looking forward to seeing yours!!

  3. MC says:

    So I take it his mask was on the line as well as his life.

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