#7 The Curious Grapeworm

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Day 7 – The Curious Grapeworm

An adorable little grapeworm, who decides to explore the fruitbug world instead of being content with his life like his brethren. Finding Applebeetles, Bananantis, Strawroaches, and all manner of curious creatures. He pays a price as he adventures, often losing more and more of his grapes as he explores and meets fruits, not all of which are friendly. When he returns home, he’s little more than a head, to which his family and friends scold him for not staying home, where he would still have his old body. But he calmly explains that although there is little of him left, each piece of them will dry out at the same speed as his, so it does not matter how much of him there is left, and he got to enjoy his life.

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