Day 1: Julianna

| November 7, 2013 | 2 Comments


Julianna is an elf, if you didn’t already realize that by the large and pointed ears. *laughs*
She is a songstress by trade and entertains passerby in the mysterious world of Lazare, a world and comic idea that I’m working on. My intent is to use this 30 character challenge to build up the kinds of characters in Lazare and thus flesh out the world/idea further.
Hope you enjoy. If not, sorry.

P.S.: I blame my perfectionist tendencies for my being so late on posting. I’ve been drawing every day, but this is the only sketch that turned out decent enough to post.

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A 23 year old Communications major with a passion for art but not yet enough skill to make a living off of it. I work with digital comics, acrylic painting, small figurine sculpting and attempt to make clothes and plush animals.

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  1. Great idea to use this challenge to flesh out your world. I did something very similar last year on the challenge, creating members of my monster pirate crew. Best to you on the challenge and the creativity!

    • MaidenofWolves says:

      Thanks for the comment/encouragement! I’m not going to do all 30 characters as ones from Lazare (the world I’m fleshing out), but after the first 10 days I post I’ll be making other characters unless more characters come to me. :3

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