#8 Tickink Crustacean

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The coastal village presents an annual offering of food and gold to the God of the Ocean. The offering is to the keep ocean calm and filled with fish to feed the village. Lest the God of the Ocean be displeased and sends his creature to punish the villagers way of life. The creature’s body is encased in a hard outer shell covered in spines all over and it has four large tentacles that are used to squeeze or grip anything while the four smaller tentacles grip the poor soul or delicious creatures of the ocean to push it into the gaping hole filled with razor sharp teeth that is its mouth. The Tickink is a red orange color which makes it easily identifiable in the dark water it creates by shooting spurts of ink to cloud its current position. It is about 50 meters wide with the large tentacles stretching another 75 meters with a 5 meter circumference from the tip and expanding to a 12 meter circumference at the widest point.  This creature easily ruins any fisherman’s day and the annual tributes are not forgotten so easily anymore.

Category: 2013, Fantasy, Horror, Scifi

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Donald has been making comics for a few years. He is currently drawing comics for Marriage and Laughter. He enjoys sleeping, drawing, milkshakes and reading comics. His dreams involve fans, many of them adoring his work and maybe the occasional crumpled bills thrown at him.

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